Is President Obama Really Soft on Immigration?

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Liberals, to their conservative counterparts, have always been considered soft on immigration. They do not have the toughness or zeal to combat illegal immigration head on, and instead turn a blind eye to it.

While that might be the case for a few democratic presidents, I would make the argument that President Obama has been anything but soft on illegal immigration.

Just this January illegal immigrants living in the United States dropped to 10.9 million below the famed 11 million statistic according to a recent report by Robert Warren at the Center for Migration Studies, and a Washington Post article highlighting aspects of that report.

This along with a Pew Research Center’s article from November 2015 indicating that more Mexicans are migrating back to Mexico than coming into the United States.

All of this along with the fact that, according to statistics from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, under President Obama, the United States has deported nearly 3 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States. Of those undocumented immigrants removed 59% in 2015 were convicted criminals.

These statistics and empirical evidence seem to disprove any notion that President Obama has been soft on illegal immigration. Why then does the right, most notably the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, continue to push this narrative that President Obama is weak on illegal immigration?

The answer is pure politics, a lack of awareness for the facts, and an inherent distrust for the US government.

Conservatives have made it a cornerstone of their base to say that illegal immigrants are running rampant and President Obama has done little to quell the problem. Some have even insinuated that the President has allowed this to happen. That the President is sympathetic and supportive of these illegal immigrants, which then allows them to tie the President to supporting illegal immigrants who commit heinous crimes.  All this political rhetoric does is suppress the facts and build up incendiary lies that build up this notion that because one feels something is true, it must therefore be true, even when the facts do not support that feeling.

We need to get back to our roots. As Americans we need to realize that simply stating something like President Obama is weak on immigration is not enough, and we need factual evidence that supports what is said.

Lies and extremism must not go unchallenged.

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