Fighting Hypocrites, Liars, Extremists, and Corruption in Politics

The fight within American politics today is flawed.

It has systematically pinned Democrats and Republicans against each other for decades. The creation of the 24 hour news cycle has amplified that fight. It has made someone who identifies as a Democrat question the sanity of a well-meaning Republican and it has made a Republican question the patriotism of a Democrat. This conceptual framework of American politics needs to change.

How We Can Change It

We have decided to shape the fight for America in a different light. We here at will highlight the fight in four specific areas within American politics, hypocrisy versus sincerity, lies versus the truth, extremists versus the well-intentioned, and corruption versus the trustworthy.

Our Hope is that every American, Democrat and Republican, cares more about fighting extremists, hypocrites, liars, and the corrupt than they do a member of the opposite party.

We do not believe in counter-balancing, thus if one side has more hypocrisy then so be it. That does not mean we will not let our opinions be known, but they will be educated and informed to the best of our ability. All sides will be heard, but they will be held accountable to the facts and realities of today’s world.

We here at fight to uncover what is true, not was is felt, believed, or implied.

Because Tuesday is election day, and the voter needs to be the smartest one in the room.