The Electoral College Part II: An Opportunity to Compromise

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As stated in the preceding article about the electoral college, the system of electing the President needs serious reforms. That, however, must be through logic and reason, not through passion and bitterness.

Passion is the Problem

Passion is a trait to be sought after. But when it starts to suggest things like completely abolishing the electoral college, it must be replaced with logical reason and facts.

Passionate detractors against the electoral college are excellent at pointing out the system’s shortfalls. However, that is the only compelling argument they make. The solutions for the voting system, abolishing it, are misguided and naive, to say the least. They are not able to see the real issue, which is a destruction of the scheme would mean complete control given to the larger states and cities. The smaller rural states would be left out, with their concerns being completely thrown aside to make way for big city thinking.

What then are solutions that would both give both parties a win, while at the same time fix the problem of disproportional allocation of power between states?


What we should genuinely consider is abolishing the winner-take-all system that is currently in place, and we should have proportional allocation of electors. If Donald Trump won 40% of the vote in California, he should get the equivalent amount of electors in that state. The proportional allocation of electors puts more states in play and allow the candidates to campaign in more than simply select swing states. It would help build a more inclusive platform for both parties that does not only acknowledge the issues important to smaller swing states.

Final Thoughts

Abolishing the system will not make us more democratic, it will instill in our system a tyranny of the majority versus the minority. But we can fix it to make it more representational to all of the states. It will allow the candidates to campaign in a broader range of states while at the same time keeping rural states protected against majority rule.

The final reason to consider these changes is that it is something that can be a real compromise where both parties can agree. Leaders should genuinely consider changes to the current system, not only because it makes sense, but because it is a first step towards bringing together a nation that every day seems to move further and further apart.

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