Debating an Extremist

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The presidential election this year is unlike any other. The thoughts and words coming from Mr. Trump defy and deflect reasonable discourse. It appears the Earth no longer revolves around the sun, and something is true because someone says it is such.  Welcome to the world of 2016 presidential politics.. To break it down – Donald J. Trump has altered the way we think and speak our positions. He’s attempting to appeal not to a person’s logical sense of discourse but to his follower’s most basic fears and emotions. Trump has been formally called a demagogue by the likes no less than Obama, Bloomberg, Biden, and Many others.

All Muslims are terrorists and must be banned in order to protect our very

People coming from Mexico are rapists, criminals (except for possibly a few), and are coming to take away our jobs.

Trump has succeeded in creating a fear base around a multitude of topics; muslims, mexicans, trade and the economy which only he can fix. He’s the salesman of the simple fix.

So how do you discuss politics in such a wayward political environment.  How do you debate a positions set forth by a demagogue.

You start by accepting the fact that, their sense of logic is not in play here. Talking to an extremist takes patience and time.

Second, you do your research. The idea of democracy revolves around an engaged electorate. That is impossible if one does not have a well-versed knowledge of the issues.

Then you start asking questions. How do you plan on making Mexico pay for the wall? Is there not already a two year vetting process for the refugees that come into the United States, including Syrian refugees.

Lastly, you do not let them walk around the fact that they do not have evidence to support the claims that they are making. While being respectful and trying not to belittle them, you must realize that they are coming from a place of sincerity. That they are not trying to destroy America as many on the right claim against many on the left.

Debating an extremist is something that is nearly impossible, because once again, they are not coming from a logical place.

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