Democratic debates round two, night one

The first night of round two is over for the Democratic debates. Candidates and moderators touched on important issues Democrats are grappling with like Medicare-for-all and illegal immigration. It is too early to say of course who won or lost this debate, you can’t determine that right afterwards based off of who had the best […]

Foreign Policy Politics

AOC & Bernie’s proposals are not a roadmap to Venezuelan dictatorship

This will be a short post as compared to past writings where I’ve tried to build longer arguments about more complicated topics. My argument here is much simpler: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Bernie Sander’s ‘brand’ of socialism is not the same as Nicolas Maduro or Hugo Chavez’s full-blown socialist dictatorships. Donald Trump and the Republican […]


Republicans are not fiscally conservative

I know several people, as I’m sure you do as well, who claim the label of being socially liberal and fiscally conservative. A growing majority of Americans believe that the rest of the country reflects these preferences. While it isn’t clear why exactly that is, I believe moderate voters want to take what they see […]


Last night’s State of the Union was a waste of time

Trump delivered his second State of the Union last night. In his speech, he touted his single-handed rescue of the American economy (with false statements) and boasted how tax cuts passed by the Republican Congress helped the middle class (they didn’t). Out of the several other things President Trump said, some of the most salient […]


Mitch McConnell, I’m tired of your floor speeches

Dear Mitch McConnell, I watched the floor speech you gave on your Youtube page where you disparaged House Democrats’ first piece of legislation, H.R. 1. Clearly from your tone and the arguments you made, you are not a fan. But for the life of me, I can’t understand why you think those arguments are winners […]


Howard Schultz please, don’t do it

In a 60 Minutes interview this past Tuesday, January 27th, Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, made a provocative indication that he may be gearing up for a presidential run as an independent. With an estimated net worth of roughly $3.4 billion, Schultz would be one of if not the most well-funded independent candidate […]


While the government was shut down in D.C., Eric Garcetti made a deal in L.A.

This week, the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) came to an agreement with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second largest school district in the United States. The strike was over. Teachers went back to school yesterday, putting an end to the week-long strike that left schools with skeleton staffs. The LAUSD […]


We should not focus too much on the electability question.

2020 has commenced. Candidates are starting to form exploratory committees, recruit staff, and conduct a whole host of other activities indicative of a nascent campaign. Before a single debate has taken place however, pundits have started the age-old question: who is the most electable? The electability question is a classic example of commentators’ attempts to […]